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Custom applications

Information technology,
process control and monitoring software.


Custom software

We provide all phases of software development from planning to the final installation and maintenance. Our engineers have expertise in desktop application development (C, C++, .NET and Java), web application development (.NET Web Forms, .NET MVC, PHP, CSS3, HTML 5, latest JavaScript technologies), PLC development (IEC 61131-3 standard) and in-depth knowledge of Beckhoff, Siemens and Unitronics systems. Broad range of technologies enables us to always select the optimal solution to a specific problem. With soft PLC systems gaining importance in industrial environment, our own technology stack enables us to provide you with a wide range of single hardware PLC-PC hybrid solutions.

Computer vision and agumented reality

Computer and machine vision technology is already well established in the industrial enviroment and we are fruitfully exploiting it in our projects that include product quality verification, labeling and packaging. Recently our development is focused on its upgrade with augmented reality, which represents a novelty in the industry. Machine vision represents mostly an upgrade of the automation, rather than assisatnce to the operator. Our development in the field of augmented reality tries to cover that gap.